may 2020...

what bizarre times!  some of us have thrived creatively during lockdown, some of us have struggled ... i've experienced a little of both.  the first few weeks threw me completely and i didnt even visit my studio but i'm glad to say that i feel i'm coming out the other side and have been enjoying experiementing and creating once again.  onwards and upwards! x

march 2020...

where did the new year go?!  Hopefuly we're heading into a little more dry weather, something to lift the spirits. 

i can feel a tingle in my fingers ... twitchy to be in my shed, creating.  i'm gathering a few new pieces to go to the basement 93 gallery for a bit of a refresh, and also enjoying building up a collection for may's steyning arts trail.  the steyning arts website have updated my profile pictures and i think they look pretty good together!  not long now x

february 2020...

will it ever stop raining?!!  i'm making the most of being stuck indoors (if i want dry socks) and focusing on thinking thoughts and planning plans.  Watch this space! x

january 2020...

happy new year! 

new decade, new year, new beginnings...

i'm looking forward to inspiration, creativity and productivity x

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